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Main Track

Main Track 

The main track is approx. 3km long. It has large jumps, tabletops, banked corners and bomb holes. It's a full size track, safe for novices and suitable for intermediate and expert rider practice. We group our sessions based on ability so everyone gets to ride safely at their own pace. 

The main track has fully trained marshals stationed at every jump and the track is operated on a flag system for rider safety. Medical staff are stationed near to the track should they be required they are immidiately on hand. 

Main Track
Junior track

Junior Track

The junior track has small jumps and berms and is for bikes up to 85cc. This track is the next step for improving your riding skills and gaining experience before moving up the main track in the kids group. This track operates wristband system with no sessions. Riders can come on and off at their pleasure. 

The junior track has a fully trained marshal who is in charge of the track and safe running of it. Medical staff are stationed near to the main track but if required can attend incidents at the Junior track. 

Junior track
Oval track compplete

Oval Track

The beginners oval is flat and simple to ride, satisfying the smallest rider and those on small quads. Ideal for parents to get there kids started on 2 or 4 wheels. 

The Oval is used for our Try-outs to get them familiar with the bike on a flat ground. 

The track is monitored by a marshal to ensure safety to riders and spectators. 

Oval track
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